Why Mastery of Elementary Maths is so important?

  1. Research shows that students who have mastered elementary maths ascend the learning curve faster. They find a place in the ‘high achievers’ band in middle and senior school.
  1. Early mathematical power helps develop personal self-confidence and leads a student to stand out in a crowd.
  1. Such students perform better on standardized tests including SAT and ACT. Hence they are
    better prepared to meet future educational and professional goals.
  1. Early mathematical power leads  to speed, confidence and accuracy,  key elements to
    performing well in competitive examinations g. engineering / medical entrance exams.

Dr. Maths aims to gives your child the mathematical power to all this and stay ahead right from the start!!

‘Derive Maximum Benefit For Your Child’ – 10 simple steps to know how to use Dr. Maths Program

The Dr. Maths program covers the entire curriculum for each class in 12 modules, each covering a particular concept. Our website (www.drmaths.com) will give you detailed information on the program content and structure, its features and benefits.  Here we would like to give you a few pointers on how best to use the program and derive maximum benefit for your child.

  1. Use one module at a time and work on the sheets in the order that they are arranged. The progression and sequence of each module has been carefully designed to ensure that learning is smooth and seamless.
  2. Ensure that your child works regularly on the program. We recommend that your child should work on the program for 15-20 minutes at least four times a week.
  3. Assign a definite number of worksheets for your child for every session, to ensure that he does not do too little or too much. He could do between 2 and 5 worksheets per day.
  4. Correct your child’s work regularly using the answers provided to you. This will help you to know whether the learning is satisfactory. The answers are available downloadable from your child’s “My account” page after you login.
  5. The Parent Tips section of each module provides useful ideas, activities and games for the parent to use outside the formal learning setting. These activities will add richness and variety to the learning process.
  6. Try and build a `fun’ association with maths in order to reduce the fear and stress of maths for your child. Integrate mathematical concepts with everyday activities and routine.
  7. The level of your involvement and supervision is a function of your child’s learning style. Some children are independent learners while others need active involvement by a parent.
  8. Use the Mixed Bag section to evaluate your child’s learning. You could have your child do this section a week after the module has been completed. This will tell you how much your child has absorbed and retained.
  9. Video and Game Links: The video and game links under your child’s ‘my account” are directly linked to the module he is doing. Please make use of these video links which will help your child reinforce the concept learnt. The games links provided are also linked to the concept your child is learning and will really make your child’s “computer time” fun and productive.
  10. Online Assessment: This is a multiple choice assessment and the format will push your child to think reason and apply quickly.