Understanding is the Key

Yes ! Dr. Maths focuses on the similar approach as it is rightly covered in an article by Wall Street Journal,
says ” UNDERSTANDING IS THE KEY ” to master the mathematical concepts

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Repetitive Work in Maths!



Why Mastery of Elementary Maths is so important?

  1. Research shows that students who have mastered elementary maths ascend the learning curve faster. They find a place in the ‘high achievers’ band in middle and senior school.
  1. Early mathematical power helps develop personal self-confidence and leads a student to stand out in a crowd.
  1. Such students perform better on standardized tests including SAT and ACT. Hence they are
    better prepared to meet future educational and professional goals.
  1. Early mathematical power leads  to speed, confidence and accuracy,  key elements to
    performing well in competitive examinations g. engineering / medical entrance exams.

Dr. Maths aims to gives your child the mathematical power to all this and stay ahead right from the start!!