Lifelong learning - At Dr. Maths  “GOD IS IN THE DETAILS”

Some minute details that we look upon at every stage of learning maths :

  • Carefully thought out sequencing of concepts, sub-concepts and types of questions leading to a smooth and seamless transition from skill to skill.
  • Gentle progression in the level of difficulty of questions, ensuring the child does not struggle and the momentum of learning is sustained.
  • Concepts are presented in multiple ways keeping the child engaged , minimizing monotony and encouraging an appreciation of the interrelationships between various mathematical concepts.
  • Developing the distinct skills of mathematical communication and reasoning by providing a rich mix of approaches.
  • Focusing on application of the concepts to problem solving and encouraging the child to think, reason, apply and solve by sharing specific strategies

The Story of DIWALI for Children – Playful Learning.

“Once upon a time there was a great warrior, Prince Rama, who had a beautiful wife named Sita.

There was also a terrible demon king, Ravana. He had twenty arms and ten heads, and was feared throughout the land. He wanted to make Sita his wife, and one day he kidnapped her and took her away in his chariot. Clever Sita left a trail of her jewellery for Rama to follow.

Rama followed the trail of glittering jewellery until he met the monkey king, Hanuman, who became his friend and agreed to help find Sita. Messages were sent to all the monkeys in the world, and through them to all the bears, who set out to find Sita.

After a very long search, Hanuman found Sita imprisoned on an island. Rama’s army of monkeys and bears couldn’t reach the island, so they began to build a bridge. Soon all the animals of the world, large and small, came to help. When the bridge was built, they rushed across it and fought a mighty battle.

When Rama killed the evil Ravana with a magic arrow, the whole world rejoiced. Rama and Sita began their long journey back to their land, and everybody lit oil lamps to guide them on their way and welcome them back.

Ever since, people light lamps at Diwali to remember that light triumphs over dark and good triumphs over evil.”


How Dr. Maths helped Aashravya in making excellent progress at school

Karishma shares with us how his son had build his confidence and impart skills such as analytic and logical reasoning. Aashravya enjoys doing the Dr. Maths exercises as he is able to solve them without anyone’s interference.

Testimonial - Karishma Mehra

“Bridging the Concept Gap”



“Bridging the Concept Gap”

Children often experience concept gaps when classroom lessons move on before they have been able to master mathematical concepts. It is important to address these concept gaps as early as possible, else the fear of numbers can grow very rapidly leaving the child feeling inadequate and overwhelmed.


Understanding is the Key

Yes ! Dr. Maths focuses on the similar approach as it is rightly covered in an article by Wall Street Journal,
says ” UNDERSTANDING IS THE KEY ” to master the mathematical concepts

Click on the link below read the article :

Repetitive Work in Maths!